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Ever Bright East (EBE) Science & Trading Co., Ltd was established in 1999, we focus on ophthalmic products and service.  We are exclusive distributor of lots of foreign ophthalmic products.  EBE is a wholesaler of foreign ophthalmic products in China, with many years development, EBE’s sales team set up a market net to cover whole China market to serve doctors and patients.  Besides sales work, EBE also invest much for promotion of new products and new technology. We also invest equipments and disposable products and invite famous experts to organize training class every year.   Besides medical products, we also set up EBE eye hospitals at and eye glasses shops in middle of China and north-east of China to serve local patients.     EBE set up company in Beijing and Shenyang, in order to supply quick service to all customers, we set up branch company in Wuhan、Zhengzhou、Jinan、Hefei、Changsha、Chengdu、Xi’an and Taiyuan.  In future, EBE will supply more high-tech products to serve customers and patients better, to make efforts to support China ophthalmology development.

opebet_opebet娱乐平台_ope客户端 Investment Group

opebet_opebet娱乐平台_ope客户端 Investment Group was established in 2005. It came from EBE Science & Trading Co., Ltd which was estimated in 1999 and focus on ophthalmic business.
EBE Science & Trading Co., Ltd is exclusive distributor for many foreign ophthalmic products which are come from US、Europe 、Japan and Australia. We have more than 70 people in the market to serve doctors and sub-distributors. We got advantage to set up eye hospital when we collected enough resources of eye doctors and experience of management. EBE set up first eye hospital in Zaoyang in 2005.

In order to run hospital project well, we set up opebet_opebet娱乐平台_ope客户端 Investment Group in 2005. And 8 eye hospitals were set up in Hubei province 、Anhui province 、Shanxi province 、Henan province in following years. The current turn over is RMB0.46 billion and cover all ophthalmic diseases.
opebet_opebet娱乐平台_ope客户端 Investment Group invited famous experts to work in our eye hospitals to supply high level medical service and cooperate with top class public hospitals for remote diagnosis to maintain EBE eye hospitals in high technology level.
Company Philosophy
To help more people to enjoy equal medical service no matter he/she is rich or poor.  To make more patients get rid of eye diseases and see the world clearly with our love and activities. To help patients have chance to enjoy tomorrow sunshine with smile.
Development Direction
Talents is No. 1 resource of EBE.  So we cooperate with local experts to set up more eye hospitals in medium and small city to serve local patients with high standard medical level.  To invite more experienced doctors to join in EBE eye hospitals.  To train more local eye doctors to be experienced experts to serve local people.
Plan of 2018
To get 15% increase for surgery quantity at the end of 2018. To start to prepare to build up 5 eye hospitals and finish all work to open 3 eye hospitals before the end of 2018.
Current EBE Hospitals
Hubei Province:
EBE Zaoyang Eye Hospital
EBE Yunmeng Hospital
EBE Zhongxiang ENT Hospital
EBE Yicheng Eye Hospital
Anhui Province:
EBE Dingyuan Eye Hospital
EBE Huoqiu Eye Hospital
Shanxi Province: EBE Jiangxian Eye Hospital
Henan Province: EBE Tongbai Eye Hospital

EBE Zaoyang Eye Hospital EBE Jiangxian Eye Hospital
EBE Huoqiu Eye Hospital EBE Dingyuan Eye Hospital
EBE Yicheng Eye Hospital EBE Shongzhi Xincheng Hospital

Volunteer Medical Service

Team Training
opebet_opebet娱乐平台_ope客户端 Investment Group collect and calculate experience and resources in past 13 years, the central government give good policy to encourage private company to set up hospitals to serve patients now. We will make good use of government policy and our own advantage to build up more and more eye hospitals to supply excellent medical service to more patients in future.

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Efforts to provide customers with perfect technical training system and good after-sales service with Chinese ophthalmology business and grow together with the users