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The Fred Hollows Intraocular lens Laboratory (FH IOL Lab), has been striving for excellence in intraocular lenses (IOLs) manufacturing and has been producing innovative and superior intraocular lens designs and supporting products since its inception in 1995. Initiated by The Fred Hollows Foundation in Australia, its products are sold to almost 30 countries around the world.
Equipped with the latest innovation in computer controlled lens production equipment with... Having alliance with leading IOL design experts and medical research teams, the laboratory is in...
Adherence to the Highest Quality Standards is a consistent feature - FH IOL Lab was the first...
FH IOL Lab has exported its products world-wide to over 30 countries in Asia, Australia, South...
About Fred Hollows
Fred Hollows: Life, Work and Legacy 
Fred once said, " I studied madicine so I could help others-set a leg or whatever and its given me a great deal of satisfaction." But setting legs was not what  Professor Fred Hollows ended up doing...
Fred had done an eye term at medical school and, as a result, he assisted eye surgeons at Auckland Public Hospital in his first job after graduating.
At the same time, he had growing interest in practicing in Africa- "there seemed to be a crying need for properly run clinics, free of political or church  influence" - and someone told him if you were to be useful in Africa you had to  know how take out cataract because there was a lot of cataract blindness."

" I had a very nice tour of the manufacturing facility. It's amazing & impressive that the standards are so high. I feel confident now implanting them in the human eye." You have chosen a design (FH106) which we think is an absolute state of art. In terms of surface finish and general sem appearance i've never seen a better lens manufacture. "You have very impressive manufacturing facility under unbelievable clean room environments. I believe your products are of top notch which should be used anywhere in the world."
- Prof. M. Edward Wilson
- Prof. David J. Apple, MD, USA
- Prof. Alan S. Crandall, MD

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